S is for sunshine
P is for perfect
E is for eternally mine
N is for never far from my heart
C is for Clever
E is for ever so loving
R is for righteous

Spencer’s life sketch

Originally Posted by Sweet Leslie on Wednesday, October 17, 2007, 07:49 AM
Spencer was born on September 19, 1999 at 8:53 ,on a Sunday evening, 11 minutes after his brother arrived in this world. Spencer loved life. He was such a loving and sensitive little boy. He seemed to know when someone needed a hug because he would hug anyone whether he knew them or not. He always was on the hunt for his teacher, Vikki Owsley, because he had to make sure she got her morning hug.He loved to draw and make things. His Christmas present to me was his hand print and picture with a little calendar. He also made many Christmas ornaments for our tree . When he would draw or do crafts with markers or crayons and construction paper he would put yellow on it somewhere (yellow was his favorite color)whether it was the paper that was yellow and the color he used (which is very hard to see) or just the items he used.I often thought it was an unusual color for a boy but that changed when I learned that it was my Great Grandma Hall’s favorite color too. It gave me comfort because I believe that our loved ones who pass from this earthly existence watch over us. He may have talked with her and learned that it was her favorite color. I also think that it is very fitting because he was a ray of sunshine.

Spencer had a favorite pair of pjs they had the looney tunes on them. He was not happy when he couldn’t waer them anymore because they were to small.

My favorite memory of my sweet boy is the last day he was with our family he shared his cookies and other sweets with us .They were left over from his school party. He had to make sure that everyone got something. He was so loving and giving and he has carried that with him to the other side of the veil and will have great success in sharing his message with others that he meets in heaven.

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