R is for really sweet
A is for apple of mom’s eye
Q is for quick
U is for unique
E is for eternally mine
L is for loving

just like mom2

Raquel’s Life Sketch

Raquel was born August 22, 2003 at 7:37 am. She was a beautiful and loving baby and young toddler. She had beautiful brown eyes, a smile that lit up the room and blonde curls that were the envy of all who met her.Raquel enjoyed being read to. I had no school on Fridays so I got to spend the day with her. Sometimes I had some homework to finish before noon that day and she seemed to sense when I needed a break because she would bring me a stack of books and she wasn’t satisfied until I read every last one. Some of her favorite books included: Santa Cows, Are You my Mother?, Green Eggs and Ham, and I Can Count.She loved to wear dresses. We started potty training her in September of last year and it was easier and faster to get her to the potty if we put her in dress. When it started getting colder we put her in pants. One day I came home from school and she was not in the pants and shirt that I put her in that morning. When I asked my mom if she had had an accident she said no she just found a dress and took her clothes off and changed.Raquel was a very smart little girl. I don’t remember when she began saying her body parts and her animal noises but she knew them and was very proud of herself. Our favorite animal noise was the chicken and Rooster because they were the same sound: “Bacadoo”. It came to be called the gender confused chicken. When we taught her body parts my mom added a part of her own. When we asked her where her bologna was she would point to her ears. Just before she past away she had not been feeling well and my mom would massage her and tell her she was getting rid of the bologna. Even after she was feeling better she would ask to have her bologna blown away because that’s what my mom did she blew it away.
She will always be in my heart! I love her dearly!

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