J is for just like Jesus
U is for utterly fantastic
S is for safe in the Savior’s arms
T is for trusting
I is for intelligent
N is for never Far from mommy’s heart

Justin’s Life sketch

Justin was born on, a beautiful Sunday evening, September 19, 1999 at 8:41 PM. He was the first to arrive and join the family. His brother would join him about 11 minutes later. He was a good boy always willing to lend a hand. Those who knew him said his smile would light up a room.
He was a very social little boy. He did not like the work as much as he liked talking and making new friends. Periodically he would bring home a little square sheet of paper with stickers on it and sometimes the stickers would be interrupted by: “couldn’t stop talking” here and there among the stickers.
I looked after a girl who went to school with him and she talked about jumping rope and playing with him. She also mentioned a time that he took Simba from the Lion King for show and tell and he let her play with him.
I remember one Sunday we had just gotten to church and, as we were getting seated, he sees this cute little blonde girl and he points to her and says,”That’s my girlfriend”. She sees him and they giggled and play until shortly before church started.
I was setting the table on Saturday evening and I came across Justin’s favorite fork. This fork has a brown handle and when he helped set the table he had to find this fork and set it at his place at the table. Sometimes if it was set at the table at someone else’s place he would trade his fork for that brown fork.

Italked tomo last yesterday(April 5, 2010) because I was dreaming of memories as if they were yesterday and she suggested recording the memories,if they had not already been recored. This is the memory that came back to me about Justin: I was taking him to school one day because he missed the bus and on our way he asked me if I would volunteer in his class like I had volunteered to read in Specer’s class on PJ day(I went and read Are You my Mother? and another one of their(my kid’s) favorite books. I said I would be happy to but I never was given the chance…maybe some day I will have achance to fulfill my promise.

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