I is for intelligent
A is for always mine
N is for never forgotten


Life Sketch of Ian Michael

Ian Michael was born July 25, 2002 at 11:49 PM. From the moment he was born I knew he was special. When he was fussy all you would need to do was whisper his name “Ian, Ian” he would quiet immediately. He was the peacemaker when ever he heard or witnessed angry words being said he would do whatever it took to distract us.

He was also known to get into mischief. If water was running he was the one right in the middle of the “fun”. I was talking about him with a friend and I told her about a time that I heard water running outside one day and so I went outside and there was Ian soaking wet with the garden hose waving it around and having a good time. I was fortunate to get pictures. There was another time that brought a smile to my face. I was watching TV or playing a game and I heard the water running in the kitchen. Ian had climbed up on the counter, climbed in the sink and had the faucet on and the smile on his face was priceless. The last experience that I can recall was when he was caught climbing in the toilet yes the toilet! He had one leg in and one leg out!

He passed away on Mother’s day (May 9, 2004). He is dear to my heart and I know that because he came to our family I am a better mom. I played with his brothers and sister, I read to them and I did all I could do to keep them safe and happy because he came to our family.

Life Sketch of Ian Michael

(As read at the funeral)

Ian Michael N was born on July 25, 2002.His name was carefully chosen by his parents. At first Jim had wanted his name to be Ivan which means “John the Beloved” in Russian. His Middle name was chosen because he has a cousin with that same name. They settled on Ian because Leslie likes the name and they believe Ian means “John the Beloved” as well. (It does mean “John the Beloved” I just couldn’t remember in what language at the time. It is a Scottish form of John.) Ian’s dad especially wished for his initials to spell out I am N. As you all know Ian lived up to his name quite “nicely”. Ian has a favorite blanket that is blue with pink elephants and brown giraffes. He liked to chew on the fringe and he carried it wherever he went. He loved to play with trucks, phones and anything that made noise. Ian always played so hard that he would fall asleep anywhere and in almost any position.

As I was one of his nursery teachers, I learned very quickly that Ian was always up for an adventure. He spent a great deal of time exploring the nursery by way of climbing on top of tables and chairs. One of his favorite songs was 3 Little Monkeys jumping on the bed. Each time I would tell him “Ian you better get down cuz I don’t want you to fall off and bump your head,” he would look at me and grin from ear to ear with that beautiful smile of his. His dad told me that when Ian was about 18 months old, he began climbing to the top of Justin’s and Spencer’s bunk beds and his father recalls that it was like he knew right where to place his feet.

From the day that Jim and Leslie brought him home from the hospital you could see a pure love for his brothers, later his sister Raquel and ,of course, his mom and dad. Ian would dance and twirl for almost anyone and loved to make others laugh. As his audience laughed, it encouraged him to do more. One of his mom’s favorite memories of Ian was how he would help her with the dishes. All he had to do was see her open the dishwasher and he was right there to lend a hand even if it meant sitting on the dishwasher lid to get it done. His mom will always cherish the moments when Ian would cuddle with her or sit on her lap and blow kisses to her cheek. Ian had many nicknames: Ian Bian & mess maker. A favorite family song to the tune of Matchmaker could be heard through the house, Mess Maker, Mess Maker, make me a mess!” If Ian was getting into mischief his dad would say, Mr. Ian SIR , if you don’t mind SIR !

Ian would then turn to his dad and give him this big silly grin and start laughing. His brothers could often be heard mimicking their dad and many times say “Mr. Ian SIR”. Some of his dad’s favorite memories are when dad would come though the door after work and Ian would rush to give him a big hug and an even bigger smile. There were times when he would push Justin and Spencer out of the way so he could be first in line. His dad will always cherish the times when Ian would fall asleep on his lap. In concluding the imprint of Ian’s lively spirit and brilliant smile will always remain with all the lives he touched around him. His parents loving wish is for all of us to remember the joy he brought us.

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