About Me and Mine

What is there to say? ,I am a young woman in  her early thirties who is very blessed to be alive and have special individuals in my life who have come at just the right time. I am a firm believer that every individual that comes into your life is no accident. They are sent by a loving Father in Heaven who is aware of what we need when we need it and not a moment before. It is like that scripture that says to everything there is a season.

There have been some very painful seasons in my life and it is because of a loving Father in Heaven and the people that I have met that I am as strong as I am. You see, On May 9, 2004 my youngest son Ian passed away after drowning in a coolie near my house two days before. No one knows why he lived for as long as he lived, but I do. His purpose was to gain a body and to be a “Savior”  for his mom, his brothers and his sister. I say a Savior because it was his passing that allowed me to step back and look at my life and my marriage and realize that it was not healthy for anyone involved. I made a choice that would shape the rest of my life to date. I separated and divorced my children’s father and went back to school. This one decision would turn my life upside down.  I decided to major in Computerized Bookkeeping and receive an Office Technology Certificate.My children and I knew happiness and joy for the first time and school was going well.

 All was well until December 21,2005,the day was like any other until my mom checked the messages on the anwering machine after retuirning home from running some errands.The messages were from my Work-study Supervisor at the College and one of my cousins.They were concerned for me because they had heard on the radio that my children had been murdered by their father(He had them for the first week of Christmas break.) I was so numb.They were my life.Every decision I made was for them and now they were gone.

The memories  they left behind will always be imprinted in my heart. They may not be with me but they are never far away. I have pictures, memories and keepsakes that help me to remember what they meant to me and what I learned from them.

I have not shared this part of me because I want sympathy. I have shared this part of me in hopes that it will instill in the reader a deire to hold their children close, play with them, read stories and just smile at the thought of them. All children are precious and they grow so fast. Tell your child(ren) that you love them. Treat each moment with them as if it were your last because tomorrow may be to late. Before you know it they are grown and have families of their own. Please don’t let a minute pass without your loved ones knowing how much you love them. I miss my little ones terribly; however, I know they knew I loved them because I told them often in words and actions. The real tragedy in a child’s life is never knowing they are loved so tell them today!


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