Lost and found

  • Posted on June 13, 2008 at 11:08 am

Have you ever lost your check card or other inmortant cards that can drain you account or ruin your credit? I have twice. The first time I thought I lost it and reported it lost. I found it, shortly after I reported it, in my paassenger front seat The second time was yesterday. I got gas and put in its sleeve with my gas card.I had this feeling I should make sure it was secure in the sleeve, but ignored it and what happens? I loose it. I went to an auto parts store to get some anifreeze before going to a girl’s night out and tried to pay for it with my gas card! I couldn’t find it anywhere!I emptied my purse,I called the gas station and cleaned out my car, no luck. I was a mess! Anyone who knows me knows that its hard for me to just let it go. I sat through girl’s night in zombie mode trying to figure out where I may have lost it and, as a result, girl’s night was anything BUT relaxing and enjoyable no matter what I did to take my mind of my check card it just remained there until I finally said I just need to go home and keep looking. I went home and looked some moreand when I couldn’t find it I told Ira that I was just going to let it go and it took some doing, but I did drift off into a semi-peaceful sleep. I woke up determined to find it and a thought came to me to go to the auto parts store and ask if it had been found instead of looking at work first. I went and it had been found in the candy by the register! I guess in my hurry to get the anifreeze and be on my way I whipped out the card protector and didn’t see it fall out. Thank goodness it was found.Now I can breathe easier,for now.

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