Heart’s Desire

  • Posted on January 6, 2011 at 3:31 pm

Heart’s Desire
My heart desires to be loved when my mind aches to be heard and understood.
My mind thinks about what may lay ahead while my heart just acts on impulse.
My heart loves instantly while my mind find reasons not to trust.
My mind remembers why while my heart fells that pain like it was yesterday.
My heart knows while my mind is undecided.

My heart desires to be trusted while my mind refuses to let anyone in.
My mind knows that pain can be avoided while my heart knows that without pain there can be no joy.
My heart makes wishes while my mind takes action
My mind hesitates while my heart leaps.
My heart takes the chance while my mind doesn’t want to even try.

My heart believes the fantasy my mind creates.
My mind knows what is but my heart believes what could be.
My heart is focused while my mind is easily distracted.
My mind knows what my heart feels to be true.
My heart believes in the impossible while my mind says,”It can’t be done”.

Why the two can never agree is a mystery.
They both want what is best for me.
They know and feel my pain.
I know, I feel they both can be right.
My desire is for them to just be.

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